2023 Instagram Algorithm Hacks: Boost Your Reach

The Instagram algorithm isn’t some mystical enigma, it’s a dynamic set of rules dictating who gets the center stage and who fades into the background.

Welcome to the dazzling world of Instagram, where hashtags aren’t just labels, they’re a way of life, and filters can make even a rainy day look like a tropical paradise!

For marketers, Instagram isn’t just a platform—it’s a stage where your content takes the spotlight. But here’s the kicker: to truly rock the stage, you need to understand the conductor of the Instagram orchestra—the algorithm!

Instagram’s algorithm isn’t a mystical enigma; it’s a complex, ever-evolving set of rules and signals that dictate whose posts make it to center stage and whose get lost in the wings. In this fast-paced digital realm, where cute cat videos and gourmet food pics compete for attention, understanding this algorithm is like having the ultimate backstage pass.

In this guide, we’re diving into the core of Instagram’s 2023 algorithm update.

We’ll unravel its secrets, demystify its ranking signals, and equip you with the knowledge to tweak your content strategy for maximum applause from both followers and potential admirers. Let’s make sure your Instagram performance gets a standing ovation!

instagram alogrithm

Why Marketers Need to Know How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Alright, let’s spill the beans. Picture Instagram as a bustling marketplace, and the algorithm as your friendly market guide. As marketers, we’re the vendors showcasing our goods—our content. Now, if we want our stall to be the one drawing the crowds, we’ve got to understand what kind of music the market-goers (Instagram users) like.

The algorithm is that discerning playlist curator, knowing which tunes (posts) will make people dance (engage). If we tune in and align our content with its beat, we get prime shelf space! But if we ignore the playlist and play our own offbeat tune, we risk being drowned in the noise.

So, why the fuss? Great content is our currency, and understanding this invisible DJ is like having a map to the treasure—more eyes on our offerings, more engagement, and ultimately, more happy customers. Let’s put on our dancing shoes and learn the algorithm dance!

How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2023

Hello, Instagram enthusiast! Let’s unveil the backstage magic of Instagram’s 2023 algorithm. Picture Instagram as a grand carnival and the algorithm as the ringmaster, orchestrating which attractions (posts) you’ll enjoy the most.

Instagram isn’t a one-hat wonder; it’s got various hats for Stories, Feeds, Reels, and Explore. Each hat has its own tricks, curating content based on what it believes will tickle your fancy. The essence here is personalization—it wants to be the content genie granting your wishes. It analyzes your past interactions to serve up content tailored to your taste, aiming for a fun-filled experience at the Instagram carnival. So, let’s dive into the secrets behind Instagram’s magic tricks and wield them for superior engagement!

Now, let’s break down how you can up your Instagram game with these latest updates:

Instagram updates 2023
  1. Strategic Hashtag Usage: Utilize a focused approach to hashtags, restricting them to just three per post. Incorporate 3-5 pertinent keywords within these hashtags to precisely target your desired audience and enhance the discoverability of your content.
  2. Keyword Integration in Captions: Elevate your content’s discoverability by integrating keywords directly related to your video into the caption. This practice sharpens the AI’s ability to identify the essence of your content, ensuring it reaches the right audience.
  3. Optimized Hashtag Length: Opt for longer hashtags that are rich in keywords. This not only provides a clear context but also amplifies the possibility of your content appearing on the explore page for topics that align with your content, broadening your reach.
  4. In-App Video Editing: Prioritize editing your videos within the Instagram app itself. This ensures seamless playback and performance, preventing any potential hitches often associated with importing or editing reels externally.
  5. Consistent Daily Posting: Align your posting schedule with the Instagram algorithm’s preference for consistency. Aim for daily posts to signal to the algorithm that you are an active and reliable content creator, subsequently boosting your visibility.
  6. Engaging Story Updates: Keep your audience engaged by sharing 2-5 stories daily. Strike a balance to maintain an active presence without overwhelming your followers, keeping them interested and connected.
  7. Portrait Video Format: Capture and share videos in the preferred portrait format (9×16) to optimize your content for Instagram reels. This ensures your videos display optimally and garner maximum engagement.
  8. Interactive Comment Engagement: Cultivate a sense of community and active engagement by responding to comments promptly. Aim to engage with as many comments as possible, especially within the initial hour after posting, to encourage interaction.
  9. Watch Duration Importance: Take note of your content’s watch duration, a critical factor in the algorithm’s assessment. Longer viewing times indicate engaging content, increasing the likelihood of your posts appearing more frequently in users’ feeds.
  10. Interest-Aligned Content: Tailor your posts to align with the interests of your target audience. The algorithm prioritizes content that resonates with individual user preferences, ensuring it’s prominently featured in their feed.

Understanding Instagram’s Ranking Signals for Each Surface

Alright, let’s take a peek under the hood and demystify how Instagram sorts its content for you! Think of Instagram as a versatile chef, expertly preparing different dishes (content) for your taste buds based on where you’re dining (the surface).


Imagine Stories as your daily appetizer—a quick, engaging taste before the main course. Instagram cleverly serves stories that they think will make you reach for that virtual fork. How? By analyzing your past story views, engagement patterns, and interactions with other content.

Feed Content:

Now, the Feed is the Instagram buffet—it’s got a bit of everything. From accounts you follow to potential new favorites, it’s a delightful mix. The algorithm here is a food critic, assessing your taste (past activity) to predict what you’d want to devour next. It considers your likes, comments, post interactions, and even your favorite accounts. Plus, it looks at the freshness of the content and how frequently an account posts.

Instagram Ranking


Reels are the trending food trucks—it’s all about what’s hip and happening. Instagram wants to keep you entertained. So, they look at your interaction history with short-form videos, the type of reels you usually engage with, and how likely you are to watch a reel all the way through.


Lastly, Explore is the experimental pop-up restaurant. It’s where Instagram tantalizingly presents you with dishes (posts) it thinks you’ll love, even if you haven’t tried them before. Here, the ranking is influenced by your engagement history, the popularity of a post, your past interactions with accounts, and the recent engagement levels of those accounts.

In essence, Instagram wants to be your favorite food joint, always serving up dishes you can’t resist! So, it’s constantly learning and refining its menu to keep you coming back for more. Bon appétit!


And there you have it, folks! The Instagram universe decoded and demystified. Remember, Instagram’s algorithm isn’t an enemy to outsmart—it’s more like a savvy friend who knows your favorite dance moves. By grooving to its signals, embracing trends like using fewer hashtags, keeping your edits in-house, and posting daily, you’re stepping to the beat of success.

So, keep experimenting, collaborating, and dazzling the Instagram crowd with your originality. Whether you’re in for the Stories appetizer, the Feed buffet, Reels’ trending food trucks, or the Explore pop-up experience, now you’re armed with the knowledge to make your content the star of the show. Stay authentic, engage with your audience, and let the Instagram party continue!

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